Response to Andrew Keen

Interesting thoughts on Andrew Keen’s beliefs about internet and how it’s destroying our culture, economy and values. I agree with some of his thoughts. I’ll post more on this soon. For now, what’s yours?


Though an avid blogger and internet user, Andrew Keen believes the internet is destroying our culture, economy and values. He believes the differences between experts and amateurs have been blurred and in turn old media is being destroyed.

Keen does however recognize that participating in internet usage cannot be avoided. He has received much criticism for being a hypocrite, but he understands that without using internet services like Twitter and Facebook it is impossible to create a successful brand. “I don’t have to admire or improve what’s happening, but I can’t be a Luddite, either. The people in the nineteenth century who refused to acknowledge the significance of the Industrial Revolution were swept away,” said Keen.

The internet may be destroying our culture, but Keen does see hope for the future. As people start to realize sites like Wikipedia and YouTube are not completely credible, he hopes that people will…

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