Designing challenge: bring it on!


If I read this post last week I could have completed this authors invitation of challenging my design perspective.

Matt Mansfield, author for The Society For News Design (SND), starts his story with this question, “What do we mean when we talk about design? “

Mansfield asked some of his fellow journalist friends this question and they all had different perspectives when they responded.  However, Mansfield said in his eyes, according to their responses he heard their response this way,

“…— too tied to their lives at whatever media organization they work for, the print or online pages they make, the segments they produce for television, or the tablet and mobile applications they see (probably correctly) as their futures.”

He then went on to ask this question, “Is it wrong to want a more expansive definition?”  He goes on to say if it could be less of us as journalists and more about the information we are designing and finding out how it works out there in the world among the people who uses the things we make.

Mansfield made me think about this.  And therefore, I will take on this one week challenge to really delve deep into my passion and see design through a different perspective.

Anyone else wants to join me in taking up this challenge?


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