Adobe CS5 – Graphic Artsy Stuff

Project 2:  Uncle Bob Marley!

3/2/2012: Learned this today from a young local graphic design company  Thanks John Paul Gedeon and Joseph Gedeon for teaching us how to make Bob Marley look cool in vector! And learning strokes!  You guys rock!  The only suggestion is a step-by-step tutorial please!

Please click here Bob-Marley to see my finished product.  The only thing is, I didn’t properly size it when I saved in pdf.  Sorry! Hope you all like it!

Project 1: Business Card

2/24/2012:  Business card assignment was very challenging for me.  I love the challenge and learned a great deal in a couple of days using Adobe Illustrator CS5 to create my business card.  I wanted something fun, since I’m always so serious when it comes to business.  So, I found this really cool blog site from a graphic artist in the UK.  Love his art! His step-by-step instructions taught me more than I expected.  And praise Jesus for allowing me to stumble upon this graphic artist, because the tutorial I chose prepared me for our next week class with John Paul and Joseph Gedeon who taught us how to utilize strokes!

Please click here to see my amateur business card!  Hope you like it!


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