Desktop Publishing – 12 most common mistakes

This past Friday, we had the opportunity to start our newsletter.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to start.  So, I started yesterday.  With these great links our professor gave us, its helping us out a lot!  Thanks, Rachel!

According to Roger C. Parker, of, Parker said that there are 12 common mistakes designers need to be aware of.

1. Gray pages.

2.  Lack of white space at top, bottom and sides of page.

3.  Long lines of small type or short lines of large type.
It’s hard to decide which is worse!

  • Long lines of small type are tiring to read because each line requires several left-to-right eye movements. In addition, readers can get lost at the ends of each line on the right and return to the beginning of the wrong line—or, even worse, reread the same line (called doubling).
  • Short lines of large type are characterized by excessive hyphenation and awkward word spacing (lines with wide word spacing can follow lines with narrow word spacing).

4.  Narrow columns of justified text

5.  Inappropriate borders

6.  Overuse of reverses, screens, rules and boxes

7.  Incorrect punctuation

8.  “Floating” initial caps

9.  Excessive text wraps.

10.  Unnecessary spacing

11.  Widows and orphans

12.  Color printing

Whew!  That’s a lot to remember.  With practice, I’ll become better!  Stay tuned for my “first,” newsletter!

Read article here:


4 thoughts on “Desktop Publishing – 12 most common mistakes

  1. I agree, this was a good article. My biggest pet peeve is when there are long lines of gray text. I’m definitely a picture person.

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