The World – through my lens. Call of nature.

Photo by Barbara Caballes
All rights reserved. Copyrighted @dogg-legg media

I’ve dedicated this section to seeing the world through my Canon Rebel T3i EFS 18-135mm IS lens. I’ve always loved photography and never got around to “shooting.” I now have a reason to start, per say, because I have to blog for my class (which I’m slowly enjoying) and finally got the beginners camera I’ve always wanted! Now I’m off into the land of photography and hope you all enjoy this journey with me!

The World – through my lens. Call of nature.

May 1, 2012

Well it’s been a while since I have posted anything! We’re in our last weeks of school and everyone is on high-octane mode! I wanted to keep up with my “The World – through my lens” posts but slacked behind majorly. With that being said; I love nature. Anything naturist that I can photograph with my Canon Rebel T3i I’ll snap that shot. I recently purchased a cover for my lens. I was super excited because I’ve seen my peers in class with a “cover” over their lens and was either too embarrassed to ask, or forgot to ask. When I was online surfing website, I read up on what those covers were. So, I purchased one and just received it in the mail yesterday! So, yes! I’m a dork and I love it!!! Like I said I’m a jack-of-all trade but a master at one! I want to learn to master photography and I’m going to continue down this road until I perfect this talent! Hope you enjoy some of my photographs of “nature.” A Hui Hou! (Until we meet again)

From the island of Molokai- 100 yr old ilima tree
Photo by Barbara Caballes .All Rights Reserved. @dogg-legg media

Above is a photo of an Ilima lei that I received from my underage drinking prevention counterparts, from the beautiful island of Moloka`i. It was given to me as a farewell gift symbolizing hard work and thankfulness. The Ilima lei is made up of thousands of small fragile petals. These particular petals came from the Aoki’s 100-year-old Ilima tree. The rooted tree sits on the Aoki’s family land in Moloka`i and used only for special occasions. They do not sell their petals or the lei they hand sown. So, yes! I feel super special!

The below photos is from a tree bark. For some reason, when I focused my Canon lens on the tree bark I noticed the textures and patterns pop at me through my lens! I loved the way it looked every time I angled the lens a certain way or how the sunlight captured the image. I loved the texture so much I used it in my logo graphics of my business name. It looked awesome! What do you see in these photos?

Tree Bark
Photo by Barbara Caballes. All rights reserved @dogg-legg media

I like this photo because I first see an eye. Then I see the black sap seeping out of the right side of the eye. It looks as if the person was in a fight.

A bird?
Photo by Barbara Caballes. All rights reserved. @dogg-legg media

When I took a glance at this photo I seen a bird leaning looking upwards toward the sky. If you look at the top right corner of the photo you’ll see an eye. Then you can make out the beak and its neck. What do you see?

Photo by Barbara Caballes. All rights reserved. @dogg-legg media

I see another bird! What’s up with all these birds? When I seen this photo the first thing that caught my eye was the black spot on the tree bark. Then I looked at the photo and saw a parakeets head with the eye. Not sure if you’re seeing the same thing. What say you?

Photo by Barbara Caballes. All rights reserved. @dogg-legg media

Okay. More tree. This time with the ocean! It was scorching hot this day. I made refuge under this tree. I got my camera out took a photo of the scenery I was enjoying.

Photo by Barbara Caballes. All rights reserved. @dogg-legg media

Although a brick wall is manmade, I really like this photo. I wish I knew how to use the focus on my camera so that I could make the brick wall dominant in this photo to show the sharp zigzag of the wall in this photo. Any solutions?

Photo by Barbara Caballes. All rights reserved. @dogg-legg media

I’ll leave you with this photo. I Love how people interact with Mother Nature. He was having such a blast playing with the ocean! Oh, the days when I was so pure at heart and enjoying life care-free! Bring back those days! What are your most memorable childhood times that you remember playing with Mother Nature?


2 thoughts on “The World – through my lens. Call of nature.

  1. Gorgeous. I love when people share the pictures they’ve taken. I particularly like your photos at the beach, and the candid one of the little boy.

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